Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert

Be Alert !!! when you send money.

  • to a stranger – only send money to people you know personally.
  • to someone claiming to be a relative in a crisis or an emergency you have not confirmed.
  • to claim lottery prize winnings.
  • to resolve an immigration matter.
  • for loan or credit card fees, customs or shipping fees.
  • for an item or service with a money transfer to an unknown individual.

Contact our hotline +97142213211 or email us at complaint@aldhaheryexchange.com

Protect Your Money – Fraud Awareness.

  • Watch out for stalkers as you leave your vehicle.
  • Don’t leave large sums of money in the vehicle.
  • Don’t flash large amounts of cash in public.
  • Watch out for those who pretend to offer help or claim your vehicle is leaking oil or has a flat tire.
  • Watch out for those who deliberately stain your clothes then offer to clean them as you leave the exchange house.
  • Watch out for those who act strangely to distract you while another person snatched your money.
  • Avoid secluded areas when carrying large sums of cash.
  • Secure your money in a safe place and away from the public.

Social Media

  • Keep your social media accounts private and secure.
  • Do not accept a friend request from strangers.
  • Use different passwords for different social sites.
  • Limit your personal information on social sites.
  • Pick a strong password and change it frequently.

If you have reason to believe that you are the victim of a scam, immediately contact our hotline +97142213211 or email us at complaint@aldhaheryexchange.com