About Us

About Al Dhahery Money Exchange

Al Dhahery Money Exchange has emerged in United Arab Emirates as renowed Exchange House since 1982 with a clear vision to strategically provide services such as Corporate Foreign Exchange in both Wholesale & Retail, Person to Person money transfers under the license granted and monitored by the Central Bank of the UAE.

At Al Dhahery Money Exchange, we pride ourselves on our professional and disciplined approach to foreign currency solutions and remittance.

The Company has an experience of more than 40 years in this field and it gave Al Dhahery Money Exchange a topnotch head run in this Competitive Industry and made Al Dhahery Money Exchange a technology based leading financial institution in United Arab Emirates.

Our Management Teams expert knowledge and versatility to break through the barriers of payment methods, propelled Al Dhahery Money Exchange to revolutionize foreign currency solutions and remittance putting Al Dhahery Money Exchange at the forefront of foreign currency and remittance in United Arab Emirates.

We offer and equip our customers with the unique combination and ability to connect locally as well as globally through our foreign currency and remittance solution system providing a reliable and timely remittance to any part of the globe through a strong network of Banks and accredited financial institutions, subject to adherence of international compliance / KYC requirements.

What make us stand firm at the center of financial services community are our effective Multi-currency and remittance Solutions through International Banks and accredited financial institutions. Through collaboration with Correspondent Relationships and Money Transfer Services Provider, it takes Al Dhahery Money Exchange less than 24 hours to transfer funds to over 100+ banks through core banking system NEFT, RTGS & IMPS within the subcontinent. 

Vision, Mission

In today’s age where time is money and global economic trends are ever fluctuating, Al Dhahery Money Exchange directs its strategies towards weaving an intricate network of its clients within the economic arena to ease the flow of funds and management of the same across tangible boundaries.  We deploy the state of the art technology with an aim to contract the globe and switch from a money-centric ideology to a people-centric one. We follow a holistic approach to help our client at each step and maintain a healthy and interactive relationship with them.


We strive to deliver excellent performance to our clients by following values and rules that strengthen the very fiber of Al Dhahery Money Exchange.  We go by the client-first strategy of working towards building strong interpersonal relationships and hence cultivating loyalty. We at Al Dhahery Money Exchange contribute cohesively in a team to make our presence in the economic world felt through consistent integration of individual efforts.  We value time, which is why all our transactions and remittances are successfully completed as per schedule with utmost security- a strength we like to play upon.  In addition, great attention is paid to customer feedback to improve on our services.